Since 2000 we have been present in the market of legal services, providing legal expertise for stakeholders operating in the world of sport and business. The combination of sport and business is everything but accidental. In business, like in sport, only the best can achieve success. We support our clients in their endeavours to reach the top.

Our law firm is established by Legal Counsel Tomasz Dauerman – a sport expert and enthusiast, a sport manager and a specialist in the field of sports law who successfully combines his interest both for sport and law in his professional carreer.

On a daily basis, our team makes every effort in order to provide legal services in a reliable and professional manner, we operate in line with the good practices and rules of work ethic. The professionalism of our team members is confirmed by The ISO 9001 Quality Management System whose implementation enhances the support we provide to clients. Accordingly, we are a reliable and thorough partner – one that can be trusted.


Sports Law

Our law firm provides a wide variety of legal advisory services in the field of sport law.

Thanks to the years of experience and a variety of supervised legal affairs we have gained the position of the market leader in sport – related legal services. We provide our support to renowned sport clubs, Polish sports federations, winners of World and European Championships, Olympic players, coaches of national teams and to other clients involved in the world of sport either professionally or amateurishly. For those involved in sports we can offer not only our legal support, but also complex and multifaceted advisory services. We offer, among others:

  • day-to-day legal support for the established sport federations; foundation of sport federations, clubs and leagues; legal support for the sport federations in the administrative proceedings before the Ministry of Sport and Tourism aiming to obtain the status of recognized Polish sports federations; legal advisory services for the non-Olympic sport disciplines in their endeavours to be officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee;
  • full legal services for sports clubs, organizations and institutions;
  • legal support in disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings pending before the bodies of Polish sports federations, bodies of international sports federations, Arbitration Tribunal for Sports of Polish Olympic Committee or before the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Lausanne;
  • full legal services for sportsmen, clubs and organizations functioning in the field of sport involving people with disabilities;
  • mediations in sport, legal representation before courts and arbitration tribunals;
  • proceedings regarding an equivalent for training;
  • tax optimization;
  • SOCIOS – cooperation between a sports club and a law firm, marketing agency, supporters and sponsors for purposes of development of club structures, increase of scope of popularization in regard to undertaken activities, brand creation and increase of marketing power.


Having in mind the expertise of the law firm’s team in the field of sports law, the familiarity of its members with both national and international legal regulations and understanding of the needs of stakeholders operating in the world of sport, we have undertaken endeavours in order to become an official lobbyist for the sports environments in Poland. Our law firm has been officially registered as a professional lobbist, under the Article 11 Section 8 of the law on lobbying activities. We would like to express our hope that this will allow us to initiate changes in the legal regulations that are negatively affecting sports environments and to suggest solutions which would contribute to a beneficial development of given sport disciplines.


Class actions

Our law firm is the leader in managing disputes in the form of the so-called class actions. The idea of pursuing claims of the same kind by a larger group of people constitutes a novum in the Polish legal regulation. Following that recent legal developments, we are proud to offer you sterling and professional legal assistance in this regard. In order to pursue claims through the class action, the claims need to be of the same kind and they need to be pursued jointly by at least 10 individuals. We offer this kind of legal support as far as customers protection, product liability and tort liability are concerned.

Commercial Law

For Polish and foreign entrepreneurs we offer legal support in all aspects of running a business, particularly with regards to the broadly understood commercial law, tax and corporate law, administrative and labor law. Our offer for the partnerships and companies includes, among others:

  • Unterstützung bei Vertragsverhandlungen;
  • support in negotiations of trade agreements;
  • legal representation services and support in debt collection;
  • on-going legal services for companies and other business entities;
  • advisory services concerning labor law issues;
  • support in handling administrative matters;
  • support in real estate acquisitions and management.

Inheritance law

As far as the inheritance law is concerned, we offer our legal support to all issues related to the vast notion of succession - from legal advice and expert opinions, to complete services of preparation and execution of Clients’ last will.


Our law firm provides professional legal support in proceedings aimed at compensating damages related to traffic accidents, accidents at work and farming and medical errors. On behalf of and to benefit of our Clients we claim (among others):

  • damages for personal injuries;
  • compensations for the death of a close relative;
  • compensations including the reimbursement of medical treatment and rehabilitation expenses;
  • compensations for a deterioration in the rate of life after a death of close relative;

With regards to medical law issues, we offer our expertise to the victims of medical errors – failures or omissions committed by doctors and medical personnel which result in a patient's suffering and injury. Our services include claiming various forms of compensations and damages from medical and health institutions and individual doctors.

We also specialize in claiming compensations for the proprietors of land on which the transmission facilities were built illegally by telecoms.

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